Myndigheten för stöd till trossamfund
Myndigheten för stöd till trossamfund

The Swedish Agency for Support for Faith Communities

The Agency for Support for Faith Communities is the Swedish government's primary source of expertise in questions relating to religion and faith communities in Sweden.

Organised under the Swedish Ministry of health and social affairs, the SST has a mission to promote dialogue between the government and faith communities in Sweden as well as to contribute to knowledge about religious communities in general. The Agency is responsible for adminestering grants to faith communities and to coordinate them in the Swedish emergency preparedness programmes.

The Agency in brief

Type of organization: Government Agency under the Ministry of Health and Social affairs. External link.
Jurisdiction: Sweden.
Headquarters: Stockholm (Bromma).
Annual budget: 89 Million SEK (2018)
Department executive: Isak Reichel

Historical backgroud:

The history of the Agency is traced back to the 1970s and a political initiative to strengthen the democratic foundation by instilling a state grant for so-called free churches...

Contact information

Swedish Agency for
Support to Faith Communities
Box 14038,
SE- 167 14 Bromma, Sweden

Web: External link.
Switchboard: + 46 (0)8 453 68 70

Vistors centre: Ekumeniska centret
Gustavslundsvägen 18, Bromma
Public transport: Alvik station/Alviks torg

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