The Agency is assigned to contribute with knowledge of religion and isssuses regarding religious life in Sweden. This means that the Agency monitors developments in the area, produces reports and answers questions concerning religion and faith community life in Sweden.

A Wide Field

The religious landscape in Sweden is constantly changing. New religious communities and religious groups are establishing themselves and old ones are disappearing - or are finding new forms. Creating a correct and updated snapshot of multilingual Sweden, and its dynamics, is one of the parts of the authority's knowledge mission. But the religious community is much broader than this. There are also issues related to the conditions and economy of civil society, social issues, health care, burial, integration, social sustainability and a host of other issues. The authority monitors and touches on these issues in the context of our knowledge mission.

Assists the Swedish Government and the Swedish Parliament

The authority answers questions and letters from the government and parliament. A number of times a year the authority does when the government sends out a public inquiry (or letter) on a referral. The authority also regularly answers questions from other authorities and municipalities.

In the Service of the General Public

In addition to questions from the public, the authority answers public questions, both from private individuals and from organizations. The knowledge materials that the authority regularly produces are intended to reach a wider public with an interest in this area - such as teachers, educational associations, the media and civil society organizations.

Collaborates with academia, public and civil society

The Authority's reports and materials are produced in collaboration with researchers and experts in academia and the public sector. We also cooperate in different ways with representatives of the faith community in the form of hearings and consultations.