As a central part of the Agency's area of work is the task to promote a dialogue and cooperation between the public sector (the state, government agencys and local government) and faith communities in Sweden.

By religious community is meant here all religious communities and not just those who are eligible for state subsidies. This is one of the consequences of the government changing the authority's task from being essentially a grant authority to now being an expert authority.

Advice for consultation

According to the statues of the Agency, there should be a council for consultation between the authority and the faith communities. The Council consists primarily of representatives of the faith communities eligible for state grants, but also other communities can participate at the invitation of the Agency. The tasks of the Council include commenting on issues within the Agency's area of ​​activity that are of interest to the faith communities of Sweden.

Council for decisions on state grants to faith communities

In addition, there is also a special body (Council for Decisions on State Grants for Religious Communities) that makes decisions regarding the financial contribution of the Agency. The members of this body are nominated from the state-eligible faith communities.

Three partner organizations to the Agency

In connection to the Agency are three cooperative bodies, the Orthodox and Eastern Churches' Economic Council, the Islamic Cooperation Council and the Swedish Buddhist Cooperation Counci, to which certain administrative resources are made available by the Agency.

Other contacts

In addition to these formal bodies, the Office of the Agency maintains daily contact with representatives of the faith communities and local parishes and other civil society organizations on various issues relating to the work of the Agency. The Office of the Agency also makes regular study visits to the religious community, in their own everyday lives, around Sweden. The authority is often invited and participates in various major and minor ceremonies, seminars and celebrations that are organized.